Yes, You Are Legend.


“Every single one of us has a purpose. Without purpose, we’re mere masses of flesh and bones.” – Manaal Siddiqui

Has there been a time in your life when you felt that everything was out of place? A time when, despite all your efforts, nothing seems to work and no one is around to support you anymore? A phase when you feel flaccid and find yourself standing at a crossroad, stuck and unable to decide which path to choose? One path is a mayhem of struggle and roadblocks and the other just feels like a road to nowhere! All those life-changing stories that you’ve heard about successful people throughout your life… those with a ‘rags to riches’ movie style happy ending, suddenly seem unreal and too far-off. Trust me; there will be several such instances in your life when you’ll find yourself super confused trying to make sense out of your disoriented life. You are not alone. Everyone of us happens to go through a rough patch in their lives.

But have you ever wondered, why some people have such amazing stories to narrate about their success, while others are just mere audience for their stories? Why is there only one Steve Jobs and one Bill Gates, or one of a kind Mark Zuckerberg! Why can there only be one Michael Jackson, one Oprah Winfey, one Michael Jordan or one Mother Teresa? They weren’t born successful, they strived to be one.

Well, success stories don’t just happen overnight. They form and grow gradually, defeating all odds and passing through a series of ups and downs. Did you know that at 23 years old, JK Rowling was broke, Oprah got fired from her job as a news reporter, Tina Fey was working at the YMCA and Walt Disney was filing for bankruptcy? So, remember, it’s all going to be ok. You’re a success in progress. But the question remains… how does it all happen? And why hasn’t it happened yet?

It all starts with Belief. A belief that all your dreams will one day come true, come what may. A Faith, that you have the potential and will power to fulfill what you feel is impossible even if tried for a million years. A Passion that is constantly beating within you, slowly growing into a surging ball of fire that is somehow trapped inside, trying to escape and burst out like fireworks, racing to reach the uppermost limits of the sky!

If you’ve felt like this even for a slight speck of a second, then, believe me, you’ve got what it takes to be a Legend! Don’t let that fire burn out. Fuel it with hard work, dedication and desperation. And when I say hard work I mean putting your blood, sweat and tears into it, and it is just a matter of time when you will find yourself in the shoes of heroes whose stories have put you in awe. Those happy endings will no longer be a myth that you forced yourself not to believe in. You will have your own stories to tell, people would look up to you and then there will be no turning back. You will no longer be a mere listener or a meager spectator, but an inspiration to many.

Think of your parents’ smiling faces held up high with respect, think of the finish line in all its glory, and you will be able to take that leap of faith within no time. Remember, God helps those who help themselves. So don’t look for shoulders to cry on and bicker…. help yourself…. It is high time you realized that you were sent down for a reason. Every single one of us has a purpose. Without it, we’re mere masses of flesh and bones. It’s time you lived your dream and sailed off into the storming sea only to come out victorious.

Yes, You are Legend.

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