39 Ingenious Jaw-Dropping Ads That Will Blow You Mind

They say promotion is the backbone of a product’s identity and advertising , if done right, can make or break the deal. There are certain brands that excel at marketing and then there are those brands that just take advertising to a whole new level. Presenting a list of some spectacular, out of the box ads that will leave you mesmerized!

 1. ‘A Dog Makes Your Life Happier. Adopt’ : Pedigree

1. ' A Dog Makes Your Life Happier. Adopt' - Pedigree1


1b ' A Dog Makes Your Life Happier. Adopt' - Pedigree2


1c. ' A Dog Makes Your Life Happier. Adopt' - Pedigree3


2. ‘Bullets leave bigger holes than you think’ : States United to Prevent Gun Violence

2. 'Bullets Leave Bigger Holes Than You Think' - States United to Prevent Gun Violence


3. ‘What you really touch’ : Sanzer Hand Gel

3. Sanzer Hand Gel


4. World Tobacco Day Campaign

4. World Tobacco Day Campaign


5. ‘Stop The Violence!’ : Ecovia

5a. 'Stop The Violence!' - Ecovia


5b. 'Stop The Violence!' - Ecovia2


6. ‘Get the respect you deserve’ : Oogmerk Opticians

6b Oogmerk Opticians2


6. Oogmerk Opticians1


5c. Oogmerk Opticians3


7. Sugar-free lollipops : Chupa Chups

7. Chupa Chups Lollipop


8. Durex Condoms : ‘Extra Large!’

 8. Durex Condoms


9. ‘Some toys never die!’ : Duracell Batteries

9. Duracell Batteries


10. ‘Desertification destroys’ : WWF

10. Desertification Destroys WWF1


11. ‘What goes in the ocean, goes in you’ : Surfrider Foundation

11. Surfrider Foundation


12. ‘If you don’t pick up, they will!’ : Endangered Wildlife Trust

12. ifyoudontpickituptheywill1


13. ‘Somethings can’t be covered’. Fighting woman abuse together : King Khalid Foundation

13. 'Somethings Can't Be Covered' - King Khalid Foundation


14. WeightWatchers

14. weightwatchers


15. ‘Stop treating your dog like a trashcan’ : Dog Chow

15. Dog Chow


16. FedEx

16. Federal Express - 'China to Australia'


17. ‘Liking isn’t helping, be a volunteer’ : CRS Crisis Relief

17. 'Be a Volunteer' - Crisis Relief1


17b. 'Be a Volunteer' - Crisis Relief2


18. ‘Tape beyond strong’ : Scotch

18. Scotch tape beyond strong


19. ‘Don’t buy exotic animal souvenirs’ – WWF

19. wwf


20. ‘Stuck in the wrong job?’ : Monster.com

20. monster.com Stuck in the wrong job1


21. Band Aid : ‘Flexible Fabric!’

21. Band-Aid - flexible fabric


22. Moms Demand Action

22. Moms Demand Action


22b. Moms Demand Action2


23. ‘Help fight the effects of cosmetic testing’ : ENPA

23. Help us fight the effects of cosmetic testing ENPA


24. ‘Over 50% of all suicides are committed by senior citizens’ : Unknown



25. ‘Its the hat!’ : Hut Weber

25. Hut Weber It’s the Hat


26. ‘We wish you a scary Halloween’ : Pepsi

26. Pepsi


Coca Cola’s Response Ad : ‘Everybody wants to be a hero!’

26b. Pepsi2

27. ‘You eat what you touch’ : Lifebuoy

27. Lifebuoy You eat what you touch1


28. Orion Telescopes

28. Orion Telescopes


29. ‘Reality Sucks’ : Utopolis group of cinemas

29. utopolis reality sucks


30. Playboy Brasil 31st Anniversary

30. Playboy Brasil - 31st Anniversary


31. ‘The other side of America’ : queer-travel.de

31. The other side of America


32. Philips Torch

32. Phillips


33. ‘Improved chewing skill’ : Mint Z

33. Improved chewing skills! Mint Z


34. ‘Precision prevails’ : Braun

34. braun - precision prevails


35. ‘Where childhood thrives, War does not’ : WAR child

35. WAR child


36. ‘How to build a strong relationship’ : StrongerMarriage.org

36. Stronger Marriage.org


37. Colgate Dental Floss

37. colgate dental floss1


37b. colgate dental floss2


38. ‘Each time you sleep with someone, you also sleep with his past. Get tested for HIV’ : Areyouatrisk.com

38. areyouatrisk


39. ‘You see a dog, he sees home’ : caraphil.org

39a. caraphil.org


39b. caraphil.org2


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