9 Bone-Chilling Creepy Recordings That Will Steal Your Sleep Forever

Featuring a list of the most eeriest recordings in the history of mankind. Sleep? Well it’s gone now….probably forever! WARNING!: THIS POST CONTAINS CONTENT THAT IS DISTURBING AND CAN BE INJURIOUS TO THE FAINT-HEARTED. DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

1. The Voicemail of a Rapist – The Original Night Stalker

A name given to a brutally evil man who ferociously raped 50 women and killed 10 victims over a 10 year life span. Before each of these gruesome acts, the Night Stalker would often leave muffled horrifying messages on the victim’s answering machine. This is one of his recordings that police believe to have linked successfully to the Night Stalker. The recording starts with the rapist breathing heavily into the phone receiver several times followed by him saying “Gonna kill you…”

The Night Stalker was never convicted and is still out there today. It is frightening to consider the possibility that your answering machine could contain a similar message any day now.

2. The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

This is an audio recording of an apparent exorcism performed on a young girl named Anneliese Michel. The sounds and pictures are nothing short of disturbing. She died at the age of 23. In fact, the famous Hollywood horror movie “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” is loosely based on her story.

When Michel was 16, she experienced an epileptic seizure and was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy. She was diagnosed as depressed and treated at a psychiatric hospital. By the time she was twenty, she had become intolerant of various religious objects, and began to hear voices. Her condition worsened, despite medication, and she became suicidal. Michel and her family became convinced she was possessed by demons, and appealed to a Catholic priest for an exorcism. In a letter to the priest in 1975, Michel wrote, “I am nothing, everything about me is vanity, what should I do, I have to improve, you pray for me” and also once told him, “I want to suffer for other people…but this is so cruel”. Whatever her story may be, but this voice clip is beyond disturbing and if you are faint-hearted, I advise you not to hear it.

3. Lisa’s 911 Call

This audio clip is a horrifying and deeply disturbing 911 phone call made by a six year old girl named Lisa after her stepfather starts a brutal murder fight with her biological mom. Her blood-curdling cries are enough to bring tears to your eyes. She witnessed not one murder but three murders that night. WARNING: THIS CLIP CONTAINS CONTENT OF EXTREME VIOLENCE AND GRIEF. DISCRETION IS ADVISED. IF YOU ARE FAINT-HEARTED, DO NOT HEAR THIS CLIP.

4. The Sounds of Saturn

The unexplored secrets of our galaxy will always be mysterious to us as humans. The Cassini spacecraft is a ship that was sent to Saturn in 2004. Since then it has been recording various data about the planet completely new to us. During this expedition, this spacecraft has been detecting intense radio-emissions from the planet. These signals have been compressed to become audible to the human ear. Only problem is this recording kinda sounds like an audio track from a sci-fi horror movie prior to murder! It’s shocking to think about how little we know about space and what’s actually going on out there. But I know one thing for sure, this recording is sure to keep you up ALL….NIGHT….LONG!

5. The 911 call from The World Trade Center – 9/11

The day America died a thousand deaths: September 11, 2001. Six United Airlines planes are hijacked, two of which are crashed into the World Trade Center in the early hours of the day. One after one the towers go down into a pile of ash, finishing everyone and everything in their way.

This clip is a phone call to 911 from the 105th floor of the World Trade Center building 2. Kevin Cosgrove, an employee, makes a distress call from his office minutes before the South Tower collapses, killing him and thousands others trapped inside the building. I will let the audio clip speak for itself. The last few seconds of the call are extremely disturbing.

6. Aztec Death Whistle

This piece of audio depicts a reconstruction of what a variety of Aztec whistles sounded like. The first, and most chilling, has been nicknamed the “Whistles of Death,” as they are believed to have been played shortly before victims were sacrificed to the Gods. It’s assumed that this is the very last noise heard by untold thousands of victims. Scares the creeps out of you!

7. First Recording

About 7 years ago, on March 9th 2008, a 10 second clip of an eerie, unidentifiable voice was discovered in the midst of a historian research, which dated all the way back to 1860. This recording was created using a Phonoautograph, which was the leading edge of sound based technology at that time. It could transcribe sound to a visible medium, but had no means to play back the sound after it was recorded.

Compared to the audio we are used to today, this clip sounds nothing less than a demonic chant you would hear in your worst nightmares. In the midst of the fainted, fuzzy audio, the unknown voice is barely singing the lyrics of a famous folk song “Au clair de la lune” The mystery and the history of this clip make it down right frightening.

8. Operation Wandering Soul

During the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese belief was that the dead must be buried in their homeland or their souls will wander aimlessly in pain and suffering. Vietnamese believe that if a person is improperly buried then their souls wanders constantly. The US Military used this against them by recording ghostly sounds and voices which they hoped would impersonate dead, wandering Vietnamese soldiers. The sense of torture and emotion instilled in the ghost voice combined with story makes this recording genuinely sinister. We must think about the torture and torment that the Vietnamese must have been going through by having this ghostly, religiously offensive clip constantly play through the cold dark tunnels throughout the war. Very creepy indeed!

9. The Jonestown Mass Suicide

One of the most heart-wrenching stories is of the Jonestown massacre. The People’s Temple was a cult led by Jim Jones, which held approximately a 1000 people. Jones isolated his followers at a place formerly known as Jonestown and promised them a Utopian society, where everything would be equal. In the end, Jones’ narcissistic and extremist religious beliefs led him to killing over 900 people including children with cyanide infused Kool-Aid. This is the clip of Jones’ last words while he brutally committed mass genocide amongst his followers.

In this clip, you can clearly hear children screaming with pain of the poison and Jones ignoring the anguished cries and promoting the agenda that death is far better than this life. Jim chose to kill all the children first. The cries of the children slowly dying from the inside out is frightening and sickening enough. But it gets worse.

After Jim speaks his final words and the poison was finally setting in, you can clearly hear a faint demonic growl followed by fake demonic chants. After everyone was confirmed dead, Jim Jones would take his own life by shooting himself in the head. It’s not a surprise that an act as disgusting as this can awaken a presence of evil supernatural beings.

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