41 Ingenious Beauty Hacks That Will Revolutionize Your Makeup Routine Forever

Your SOS Beauty Guide: Beauty hacks every girl should know. These hacks are set to save you those makeup dilemmas. Your makeup will never be this flawless!

1. Nivea Post Shave Balm – The Cheapest and Best Primer.

nivea primer

Yes, as weird as it sounds, this hack has taken the beauty world by storm. The Nivea Post Shave Balm (Sensitive) has been tested by many beauty gurus across the world to be the best alternative to a primer. Its consistency helps your makeup stay on all day long. Primers have always been heavy on pockets when it comes to purchasing them, but this $6 alternative is what the internet has been raging about. All thanks to nikkitutorials for this amazing discovery!

2. Get Luminous Complexion Instantly

Facial oil as foundation

To get that natural glow and smooth finish in seconds, take a pump size drop of foundation and add a drop of your essential facial oil to it before application.

3. Lazy Girl Eyeshadow Hack

Bronzer as eyeshadow1

Getting late for work? Don’t have time for a full eyeshadow routine? Use your bronzer as eye shadow, defining your crease and gently patting it over your eyelids. Complete the look by lining your eyes with a liner.

4. Get Rid of Dark Underarms

Whitening underarms

Use a whitening men’s face wash on your underarms in the shower. It helps whiten those stubborn dark underams, plus controls sweat secretion and the strong fragrance acts as a deodorant keeping the odour away.

5. Perfect Winged Liner Everytime!

scotch tape for eyeliner

Or use a card instead…

Stuck on how to get the perfect cat eye Use a credit card to make a foolproof line

6. Find The Right Foundation Shade For You

test foundation on neck

Instead of testing the foundation on your hands or face, apply a swatch of it on your neck just below the chin.

7. Use a Straightener For Curling Your Hair

curling hair with straightener

8. Hide Your Double Chin: contour your jawline or use bronzer instead.

double chin hide

9. Use T-shirt instead of towel to prevent frizz.

Tshirt as towel

10. Look Awake Instantly

nude eyeliner

Use a nude eye pencil to line your lower waterline instead of using kajal to get the illusion of wider eyes and to appear more awake.

11. Went a Bit Overboard With Your Contour/Blush?

powder to light up contour

Use pressed powder/compact on a clean brush to gently tone down your contour.

12. Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

lipstick last longer

After applying the first coat, gently dab your lips on a tissue lightly and then follow up with a second coat of lipstick. Works every time!

13. Hide Unplucked Eyebrow Hair

hide eyebrow hair with concealer

Haven’t had the time to get your eyebrows plucked? : Use a concealer over and under your eyebrows to hide any stray hair, plus acts as a highlighter too!

14. Hide Your Under Eye Dark Circles Instantly

Dark circles

Tired of those stubborn dark circles and bags showing through your makeup? Use a concealer with a peach undertone under you eyes first as a corrector to hide the shadow created by the dark circles, then dab on some concealer on top of it to make them vanish all together.

15. Highlighter Alternative

eyeshadow as higlighter

Now let’s be real, highlighters are hella expensive. So here’s a brilliant substitute: Use a champagne colored glittery eyeshadow instead. Same results without being harsh on your pocket!

16. Right Way to Apply Concealer

concealer right way3

Always apply your concealer in an inverted triangle shape under the eyes for the best and most even coverage.

17. Contouring and Highlighting Map

contour map

18. Easy Way to Prevent Eyeshadow Fallouts

Pantyliner as eyedshadow fallout preventer

Tired of getting eyeshadow all over your foundation? Take a pantyliner and cut it into half and then stick one half under each one of your eyes to catch eyeshadow or glitter while doing your eye makeup.

19. Sharpen the edges of you lips with concealer to get the perfect sharp lipstick.

sharpen the edges of lipstick

20. Forgot Your Blush While Travelling?

lipstick as blush4

Take a pink lipstick on a brush or on your fingertips and lightly dab it on the apples of your cheeks. Voila blush save!

21. Easy Removal of  Glitter Nail Polish

glitter nail polish

That stress of removing a glitter nail polish! I hear you girl. Apply liquid glue as a base coat before applying the glitter nail polish and peel the entire thing off when you want to remove it. Clean and mess free!

22. Insert bobby pins into your ponytail holder vertically to prop up your ponytail.

fuller ponytail

23. Reduce Redness of a Pimple Instantly

eyedrops to reduce redness

Need to go to a party but a pesky pimple pops up. This hack may sound crazy, but it actually works! : Take 4-5 drops of your eyedrops solution on a cotton and hold it against the pimple for 3-4 minutes. It counters the redness of the pimple just like it does for the redness of the eyes!

24. Save Time By Organizing Your Makeup


Keep your beauty tools in order, so you don’t spend precious minutes looking for the right lipstick or the eyeliner. Here are some tips for organizing your vanity, such as separating tools by part of face (lip and eye products go in separate bins) or function (brushes in one basket, liners in another), or even separating them by color or sequence of use. Saves a lot of time

25. No More Oily Scalp

Talcum powder as dry shampoo

Use just a little talcum powder on your scalp as a substitute for dry shampoo. Gently sprinkle a little over the oily areas and massage it in. Then comb your way through and dust off any remaining powder afterwards.

26. Mattify any Lipstick

Mattify lipstick

Want a matte finish for your lipstick? After applying your lipstick, Gently tap on some pressed powder/loose powder on your lips using a brush and voila: sexy matte lips!

27. Tame Those Baby Hair

Baby hair tamer

Tiny baby hairs poking out here and there? Spritz on some hairspray on a toothbrush and gently tame those baby hairs in place.

28. Accidently Bought a Darker Shade of Foundation?

Concealer to tweak foundation shade1

Tweak you foundation color; customize your own foundation shade by mixing it up with a little concealer until you get the right shade for you.

29. Makeup Steps for Beginners

makeup steps

Makeup Drill – Moisturizer : Primer: Foundation: Concealer: Powder: Eyeshadow: Contour: Highlighter: Blush

30. Get the Perfect Shape For Your Eyebrows

eyebrow arch

31. Make Your Perfume Last Longer

vaseline as fragrance enhancer

32. Get Voluminous Hair in Seconds

blow dry hair

Flip your head down and blow dry the roots of your hair while damp. Bounce back the hair and you’ve got yourself some volume! Set the look by lightly scrunching a few drops of Argan oil on the ends of your hair.

33. DIY Lip Scrub

DIY Lip scrub

34. Keep Lipstick From Staining Your Teeth

lipstick off your teeth

35. Go Light on Your Makeup Base

bb cream instead of foundation

Use BB cream instead of your foundation if you want to go light on your makeup. Its light and acts as a sunscreen, foundation and moisturizer all in one, and does not make your face feel heavy!

36. Use your concealer as an eye shadow primer for a cheaper and equally effective alternative.

cocnealer as eyeshadow primer1

37. Lips Too Dry For a Matte Lipstick?

lipbalm first

Dab on a little lip balm first with the help of your fingers ever so lightly first to help your lipstick glide on easily and prevent lip cracks from showing through.

38. Use a Dark Shade of Foundation as a Contour Alternative

dark foundation for contour

C’mon, those contour palettes are just way too expensive. So here’s a hack. Use a foundation shade that is two to three shades darker than your skin tone to contour your face!

39. DIY Beauty Recipes


40. Use Baby Shampoo to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

makeup brushes with baby shampoo

Take a little baby shampoo in your palm and lather, then gently swirl the makeup brush over it in circular motions under running water. Washes off all the product and is mild and gentle on the bristles.

41. Use your Mascara as an Eyeliner

mascara as eyeliner

Feel like a beauty expert already? No thanks needed 😀

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