16 Ravishing Workplaces You Won’t Believe Truly Exist

These are offices, you thought only existed in dreams. Workplaces so magical that you won’t believe they actually exist…BUT THEY DO! You think work is boring? Well, think again…because these fantabulous workplaces will make you wanna work for the rest of your freakin’ life!

1. Inventionland (Pittsburg, Pennsylvania)

1. Inventionland Design Factory1


pet shack


1b. Inventionland Design Factory3


1c. Inventionland Design Factory6


1d. Inventionland Design Factory8


1e. Inventionland Design Factory5


If your office was a pirate ship, a castle or a race track, wouldn’t you spend the whole eternity working your a** off 24x7x365 happily ever after! Yes, believe it or not, in the heart of Pennsylvania lies an office so magnificent, that it is sure to blow your freakin’ mind whole! From castles to racetracks to treehouse to giant robot, the Inventionland Offices are a fairytale for workers around the world. Inventionland is a 61,000-square-foot design facility that houses 16 themed sets, (racetrack, treehouse, giant robot, a shoe, sugar house, pirate ship, pet house, castle, crafts, water cave, etc.) which look more like a theme park or movie sound stage than a workplace, keeping their employees inspired to come up with creative ideas in the best possible environment they can imagine.

2. White Mountain Office (Stockholm, Sweden)

2. White Mountain Office1


2a. White Mountain Office2


2b. White Mountain Office3


2c. White Mountain Office4


What looks like the secret headquarters of a James Bond super villian, is actually a newly opened high-security data center run by one of Sweden’s largest ISPs, located in an old nuclear bunker deep below the bedrock of Stockholm city. With designs inspired by sci-fi movies, this underground data center has greenhouses, waterfalls, German submarine engines, simulated daylight and can withstand a hit from a hydrogen bomb! The data center is built in what was originally a military bunker and nuclear shelter during the Cold War era. The facility still has the code name from its military days: Pionen White Mountains.

3. Pallotta Teamworks (Los Angeles, CA)

3. Pallotta Teamworks1


3a. Pallotta-TeamWorks




3b. Pallotta Teamworks

dwell , clivewilkinson

While the design for the Pallotta Teamworks office might have won many awards, not many people know that initially the office had a constrained budget of just $40 per square foot. The growing US charity event company was left with no choice but to put forward this challenging proposition: to create an inspiring new headquarters for them in a raw warehouse with a shoestring budget. A preliminary budget analysis revealed that there were not even enough funds to support air-conditioning in the office. The designers, Clive Wilkinson Architects, chose to employ shipping containers (which cost approximately $3,400 apiece and are never in short supply) to form private offices and an executive tower piled six units high. To keep costs in check, the heating, air-conditioning, and lighting were not distributed throughout the humungous space, but were strategically isolated in the most highly used work areas, functioning in tandem with skylights, reflection, and passive air currents along the corridors.

4. Google (Zurich, Switzerland)

4. google1


4a. google2


4b. google3


4d. google5


4e. google6




4f. google7


Gone are the days when an office meant boring white cubicles stacked claustrophobically close to one another or long conference tables and dull walls with the only piece of entertainment being the revolving chairs, which quite frankly weren’t that comfortable! Google has taken the monotonous office design to a whole new level with its wide array of office designs all across the world, the most striking among them being its Zurich office. Spread across an area of 12,000 square meters, the 800 employee office represents not only a new type of working environment but also a new way of designing the work environment. To fuflill the company’s distinct personality, designers Camenzind Evolution have applied the concept of ’emotional comfort’ to the office which was further enhanced by involving a psychologist who analyzed the functional and emotional needs of the Zooglers (i.e. Googlers in Zurich). Each space was carefully designed to boost the effectiveness level among employees in a relaxed, playful and colorful manner. The informal spaces surprise you at first sight with their bold and vibrant colors and a wide array of things to enjoy, like the slide, pool tables, gym or urban-inspired taxi cabins. Bold colors and modern inspiration have played a huge role in the interior design and the fact that each space gives a certain vibe shows how intuitive and tolerant they are with their staff.

5. Selgas Cano Architecture (Madrid, Spain)

5. Selgas Cano Architecture Office1


5a. Selgas Cano Architecture Office2








An office in the woods! As delightful as it sounds, the Selgas Cano Architecture office a long tube/cubicle located in the middle of the woods. Designed by Spanish architects Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano (of Selgas Cano), the structure is half dug into the ground, keeping it cool during the summer. A long window lets natural light in all day, and the window is also attached to a hinge and pulley for occasional ventilation. An insulated fiberglass wall makes up the other half of the building, providing shade. The truly unique setup means workers have the forest floor at eye-level, letting them watch as much insect lovemaking as they can handle!

6. Lego (Billund, Denmark)

6a. Lego2


6b. Lego3




6d. Lego4

officesnapshots, text: fastcodesign

The LEGO office has been dubbed as ‘as much fun as playing with Legos’. How can an office with an inbuilt slide not be fun! There’s even an aerial walkway covered in blue padding to resemble a puffy cloud. There are cartoonishly oversized wall graphics, including one of the Lego man, and lush bonsai gardens built into the tables. The idea is to evoke in employees the same sense of wonder that illuminates childhood, the better for understanding their pint-sized customers (and, in turn, designing for them). “Where does work stop and imagination start?” the designers say. “Through the physical design, the children’s fantasy worlds become part of the everyday, creating the setting for the creation of new design for new games and play.” And it’s not like Lego PMD is all play and no work. The office has a mix of collaborative spaces (open meeting rooms, show-and-tell podiums) and private rooms (individual offices, enclosed meeting rooms, a “Fun Zone” where Lego’s tiniest employees test new models) to support the different stages of product development. Because in the end, creating fun is serious business.

7. TBWA Hakuhodo Office (Shibaura, Tokyo, Japan)

7. TBWA Hakuhodo Office1


7a. TBWA Hakuhodo Office2


7b. TBWA Hakuhodo Office3


What could be more peaceful than an office scattered with trees and grass and all of the wonderful greenery to bring you to an almost relaxed state of mind. Its like being on a vacation all year long! Designed by Klein Dytham Architecture,the TBWA Hakuhodo ad agency is one of the most beautiful, playful and relaxing office environments in the world. The agency wanted their office to communicate something to both its employees and clients: “we think differently”. Klein Dytham selected the location within an amusement complex in downtown Tokyo. Once a bowling alley itself, the office’s building still operates as a bowling alley, a golf driving range and other entertainment functions above and below the office. The office itself is just as fun as anything else in the building, a tree and grass-lined environment with warm hardwood floors, indirect lighting and an open space that promotes casual living and community.

8. Urban Outfitters (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

8. Urban Outfitters6


8a. Urban Outfitters3


8c. Urban Outfitters5


8b. Urban Outfitters4


8d. Urban Outfitters2


Urban Outfitters Corporate Campus, designed by Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle transformed four dilapidated historic buildings in Philadelphia’s Navy Yard, into an award winning adaptive reuse headquarters. The 350,000+ sqft project provides an epic backdrop for the brands it houses – Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie – to call home. The office maintains its fabric theme, adding colors and themes to its walls and furniture. Employees enjoy natural light from the huge windows around the perimeter of the building – which is also where the majority of employee circulation happens. And with the campus facing the river, there is no shortage of great views.

9. Airbnb (San Francisco, CA)

9. Airbnb1


9a. Airbnb2


9c. Airbnb3


9d. Airbnb4


Given a challenge to create a home for Airbnb that would express the company’s unique culture, values and brand, the Gensler team had a huge task at bay. Important considerations included connections to the site and its rich history, connections to the local San Francisco community, sustainability in the design and construction of the space, and the creation of choices for workers in how they could work throughout the day. To ensure that the Gensler design team fully understood the culture and values that made Airbnb unique, they embedded themselves in Airbnb’s offices for four months. The entire space has an open floor plan, with no private offices, even for the founders. Special function rooms are distributed throughout the space, including a circular boardroom with seating for 20, a library room for quiet focus work, and a dining area for meals, that has a spectacular view of the San Francisco skyline.

10. Mind Candy (London, UK)

10. mind candy1


10a. mind candy3


10b. mind candy4


10c. mind candy2


10d. mind candy5


Mind Candy is the home of the popular Moshi Monsters. But this is no ordinary workspace, the company’s new headquarters is decked out with astro turf carpeting, vines hanging from the ceiling, a wooden treehouse and gingerbread house doubling as meeting rooms, bright artwork around every corner, a colouring-in wall, quiet areas that look like hobbit holes and last, but by no means least, a helter skelter-style slide taking you between floors! Sounds so much fun! Padded booths are available for meetings, and lunch to encourage people to feel comfortable when they’re at work. Each wall is decorated with a series of illustrations from Mind Candy’s games. Employees and visitors are encouraged to colour in a monster on one of the office walls. Brightly coloured furniture makes reception more fun than your average office and the reception area could easily be mistaken for a forest.

11. Facebook (California, Menlo Park, USA)

11. facebook1


11a. facebook2


11b. facebook3


11c. facebook4


After quickly outgrowing two company headquarters and approaching nearly one billion users, Facebook has finally found and created a campus worthy of calling home.Designed by Gensler and located at the old Sun Microsystems campus in Menlo Park, the company has transformed this aging office park dinosaur into something that fits the company’s ideals of being social, mobile, culturally-relevant, personally sustaining, and promoting self-expression. With vast outdoor spaces and amazing cafeteria, the office offers and insight into modern day work environment, promoting and encouraging creativity, imagination, self-expression and muse.

12. Microsoft (Vienna, Austria)

12. microsoft1


12a. microsoft2


12b. microsoft3


Microsoft’s new office space in Vienna was completed by INNOCAD architektur. The design combines a number of colorful, fresh, and eye-catching design elements to create what I’d call Microsoft’s most creative office space. This space features a number of themed conference and meeting rooms ranging from a hunting lodge ocean. Another popular feature is the plant wall in the reception – which also features an excellent x-ray graphic of a computer.

13. Nokia (California, Sunnyvale, USA)

13. Nokia1


13a. Nokia2


13c. Nokia4


13d. Nokia3

officesnapshots , bloomberg

Designed by Gensler, the office provides a wide space and calm environment to its employees. The use of vibrant colors makes it all the more cheerful and interesting. Employees work over lattes and fresh-made sandwiches from a cafe that brews Peet’s (PEET) Coffee. Two wellness rooms, each with a shower and a napping area, help traveling executives decompress before meetings. Clusters of classic arcade games and a trophy case of obsolete Nokia models are constant reminders of the inexorable need to innovate or perish. The smallest conference rooms, lined with fragrant pine slats to evoke a Finnish sauna, double as private phone booths.

14. Dropbox (San Franciso, CA)

14. Dropbox1


14a. Dropbox2


14b. Dropbox3


Designed in collaboration between Geremia Design and Boor Bridges Architecture, the office space provides a flexible environment for the fast-growing team. The company’s new workspace a simple, well-executed container that maximizes functionality and allows for customization without compromising honest aesthetics.The primary challenge of this design was to continue the charged and collaborative newsroom feel of the company’s former open office space, while planning for projected growth that could more than quadruple staff. Team groupings of open workstations and centralized social spaces line the glazed perimeter, interspersed with shared work rooms, interview and meeting spaces, and informal lounges. Specific auxiliary spaces include: phone, break, game, music, server, gym, kitchen, and dining.

15. JWT (New York, USA)

15. JWT1


15a. JWT2






15b. JWT3


When the advertising agency J. Walter Thompson decided to rebrand themselves as JWT, they decided that it was important to have a unique and functional office space to match. Well, what they and Clive Wilkinson Architects came up with is not only functional, but very, very unique. In an effort to keep creative harmonies maximized, this space has no private offices, but instead areas where groups of creative minds can assemble in both large and small numbers. As you can see, the office has a number of bright colors, as well as a ‘storytelling’ theme woven throughout.

16. Zynga (San Francisco, CA)

16. Zynga1


16b. Zynga2




16c. Zynga3


Zynga, the gaming company known for such hits as FarmVille, CityVille, and Words with Friends, is headquartered in a massive 556,000 square foot space on the edge of SoMA in San Francisco, California.The building itself is six floors, with a huge atrium space spanning through the middle that really opens the whole place up. Throughout the office are games and decorations that keep the space fun and in-sync with the company ‘Play Well’ motto. Luckily, employees are closed off from this main space in their workspaces. That said, desks are arranged in an open layout, which for space’s sake, is basically a necessity. Its like being in a game alltogether. Work was never this much fun!

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