13 Effective Ways Of Getting Over a Break-up

So, you’ve had your heart broken and it suddenly feels like the end of the world. Nothing you do brings you joy and everything just seems like a bad dream that you may never get out of. But worry not, here are 13 super-effective ways, proven to help you get over even the nastiest of break-ups. So get ready to get back up and re-experience happiness because you deserve it!




1. Learn to let go.



The first and most important step towards moving on is blocking them from all sorts of social networking. Sever all sorts of social media connections you had with your ex – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc. etc. (Even regular text messages count.) Frankly, any sort of communication you can think of. Because you may think it’s no big deal…”C’mon it’s just facebook…how can that hurt!” But sometime in the next few days, you’re gonna have a strong urge to get back with them, text them and stalk them. TRUST ME…..you will only end up regretting it. The feeling to go back and make things right is totally normal. It happens to everyone. The solution to it is simple – close those doors and let go off of any connection you had with them. I know, it sounds difficult and it’s just not that easy. But you have to be strong, because if you cling on to the past, chances are that you might never get out of it. Just believe in yourself…You can do it.

2. Plan a vacation with your friends.


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Yes…A vacation! It’s the best way to leave behind your woes and start afresh. So go pack your bags and get ready to go on an adventure. Plan on going somewhere that you always wanted to go but never got the chance to, and grab your friends along. It could be someplace exotic, or calm or just a fun road trip! Fun has a new meaning when you’re out on the road with your friends, having the time of your life. A vacation will help you relax and make you feel lighter and happier. You might think that it’s just a vacation, but what you don’t realize is the memories you make out of it. So go have a wild time! You deserve life. And remember: ‘We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.’

3. Develop a new hobby and master it.


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Do something new – something that you’ve always wanted to do. Learn a new skill or master one. It can be anything from learning to play a musical instrument, to engaging in a sport that you like, learning a new dance form or maybe trying out a new recipe that you downloaded from the internet. Develop a new interest…..a hobby that makes you happy and completely involve yourself into it. It helps you in diverting your mind from the obvious and makes you realize your self-worth. Once you’re totally engrossed in the activity, you will spend more time towards it and feel that confidence kick back its way into you. So, c’mon…Get going now!

4. Keep your friends close.

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Good friends are like a drug that heals a broken heart. Spending quality time with your friends will make you forget your worries. So try hanging out a little more with them. Plan out dinners, go watch a game or just go out with them so that you spend more time having fun rather than sulking in the corner of your room with a bottle of Nutella and a box full of ice cream! Remember good friends are your life. They will always be there for you no matter what. So, keep them close and value them because they’re your true assets.

5. Talk about your feelings or simply write them down.



In other words, get it all out of your system. Talking helps a lot. It helps you take that burden off your chest and clears that mess of raging thoughts running around wild through your mind. Trust me, it feels so much better to pour your heart out to someone that you trust – it could be a friend, a family member, an acquaintance….Anyone! Try it and witness the emptiness slowly leaving you and feel your mind getting a lot lighter. If you think talking won’t work, then try making a journal and write everything down. Writing your feelings down has been proven to cure pain. Just get it out somehow. It will make you feel a lot better.

6. Groom yourself.

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This one’s a killer! Find out ways to make yourself feel beautiful about yourself – A new haircut, a new style of makeup, a new outfit,a new fitness regime! Go shopping – treat yourself, or join a gym and get into shape. Building back the confidence in you is important and what’s better than rocking a new look! Personal appearance makes you feel confident of who you are, so that the feeling of being abandoned by someone gradually makes its way out. So, get going…paint the city, because you my friend are ready to take over the world. Get that makeover and there is a whole new world out, waiting to be star-struck!

7. Remember you’re beautiful!



Yes, you my lovely are beautiful. There is just one of you in the whole wide world. You are special in your own awesome way and everyone who loves you can tell you that, every single day of your life. So, don’t ever try to change yourself and don’t EVER feel that there was something wrong with you that made the relationship fall apart. Remember: You’re amazing..…just the way you are and tell that to yourself every day. I love you.

8. Have patience.



This might be the hardest step in this list, but believe me, time heals the deepest of wounds. Patience is the key to happiness. Yes, it might take some time for you to move on and leave the past behind. But it’s perfectly normal. It is in fact impossible to forget things that meant the world to you, almost instantly. Take your time. Remember, there is no switch. You can’t just turn on and turn off your feelings. Just let time do its thing. Because, you may think now that you might never get over your ex, but time is a magician. You don’t even realize its charm. So, go easy on yourself and BE STRONG AND PERSEVERE. You can do it. Remember: This too shall pass.

9. You deserve better.

deserve better


You are not at fault. It’s just that things didn’t work out between the two of you. Don’t undermine yourself. Just be yourself and believe me you can catch a million fish in that big blue sea. All you have to do is Be You and you my darling can conquer the world. Don’t let anyone bring you down. Remember: If it didn’t work out, there’s something even better waiting for you out there.

10. Revenge is never the answer. Silent treatment is the best treatment.



You might think of getting back at your ex if it’s a case of cheating. But trust me, revenge does sound good, but it actually does you no good. You are currently filled with a rage of emotions and all the decisions you take now are all going to be influenced by them which means Bad Decisions! Revenge will only make you decrease your self-worth and you will end up regretting what you did. The best solution is the one I like to call ‘The Silent Treatment’ wherein no f***’s are given whatsoever. You’re in a complete ignorance mode, happy as you can ever be, and this makes the other person uneasy and restless as to how and why you’re so cool and not fighting back. The feelings of why and how, going around like crazy in their minds and the constant irritation of ‘why its not affecting you?’  is the best killer there is. Your silence becomes your words and it works like a ‘sweet sword’

11. Don’t rush into a relationship way too soon.

say no


Learn to say no. Give yourself some time to recover and rediscover yourself. Rushing into a new relationship just leads to more pain. It’s usually a way of escaping pain and just randomly picking someone for the sake of not being lonely. Don’t ever do that. Have patience. Find someone you think is right for you…someone who treats you right. Someone who loves you for who you are.

12. Do something crazy!



Yeah…you heard me right…..CRAZY! Something that you never thought you could do. Something that’s just a 100% fun. Something that spells crazy, psycho, out of this world! It can be anything from bungee jumping, skydiving, basically any adventure sport that kicks in that adrenaline or just going berserk in a club, dancing like no one’s watching or dying your hair a funky color or driving a sled down a mountain slope or riding a dangerous roller coaster! I don’t know….you get to choose your crazy! Challenge yourself. It can be anything…it just has to be mad. The key is to not think…Just do it! And feel the new you. You need to figure out who you are outside of the relationship. This step is so much fun and it helps you discover yourself better – A new You.

13. Don’t be afraid to fall in love again.

fall in love again


Yes, give love a second chance. If you find someone, who you think is special…take a chance. Who knows, they might be ‘The One.’ Follow your instincts. Listen to your heart but don’t forget to learn from failed relationships. Just don’t rush into things. Take things slow. Spend time with them and get to know them first. Don’t compare them with your previous relationships. Re-evaluate your priorities. In other words…just go with the flow and if you think they’re compatible then let love do its thing!



So, Let go. Be positive and stay strong! You will get through this. And don’t ever forget – You’re beautiful.

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