11 Horrifying Real Ghosts Caught On Camera That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

From ghost cars and headless ghosts, to apparitions hiding in your pantry! This list includes all the disturbingly believable footage of REAL GHOSTS captured on film that will give you the goosebumps of your life. WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT AT HEART! GOOD LUCK SLEEPING TONIGHT!

1. The Screaming Ghost At a Haunted Hotel


September 14, 2003, at a hotel in IIinois, USA, things start getting suspicious when customers start complaining about bizarre, blood-curdling screams coming from Room 209 on the second floor of the hotel. Due to continuous complaints and the fact that no one…..absolutely no one had checked into the room that week, the hotel security staff decides to check in on the room. But what follows after one of the security personnel reaches there to investigate, will send chills down your spine! You can hear the voice of the hotel security manager who was standing watch that day.

2. The Piano Playing Church Ghost


Two guys decide to explore a Chapel in the woods one night, after hearing that it had long been haunted by a black ghost. They decide to go in. Luckily, the front door was locked…..but unluckily the back door wasn’t. They move in through the church, laughing and joking their way in, when suddenly they hear something….a song….There was no one when they got in! Scared as hell they escape. But they soon discover, that running away from it doesn’t stop it from following you!

3. The Ghost Car


You’ve heard of the Speed Racer haven’t you? But a ghost racer? I guess not. Things got strange when a NYPD police chase took a bizarre, unexplainable turn. A mysterious speeding driver tricks cops into thinking he’s about to pull over, then all hell breaks loose. The officers only manage to catch a quick glimpse of the maniac behind the wheel. But it’s the last look they’ll get…because what the driver does next will baffle your wildest senses.

4. The Spirits Of The Fallen Soldiers Of Gettysburg


Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA, Nov 2001. A family encounters something out of the normal. While vacationing, a family happens to capture what seems like spirits walking in different directions through trees at the triangular field in Gettysburg. The spirits are seen going up into the trees, for there is a 10 ft. drop right where the flat rock is. These spirits are believed to be of the fallen soldiers of the most deadliest civil war in US history. The battle of Gettysburg took place in 1886 and finished off in 3 days, claiming lives of 50,000 soldiers in such a short span of time! For more info on paranormal activities and ghost sightings at Gettysburg check out this link

5. The Pantry Ghost


A man finds his pantry door open wide every morning while he remembers closing it at night. He senses something strange about it and starts filming his pantry door for weeks to find out why…..until one night, just after midnight, he films something out of the ordinary. A glowing figure living in his pantry. Ghost? Paranormal activity? Well….you decide! WARNING : NOT FOR THE FAINT AT HEART.

6. Ghost Diving Into Pond


Two boys take a dip in a pond nearby a haunted fort in Gwalior, India. Playing, swimming and having fun, what the boys don’t realize is another swimmer that comes to join the fun. Out of nowhere, a spirit is seen jumping into the pond and disappearing with in seconds into the water. Creepy indeed!

7. The Vatican City Ghost


What could you possibly see on your vacation – some beaches, wildlife or a world class city? Anything paranormal or supernatural? A college student captured a video of something he can’t quite put his finger on – A ghostly apparition in a Vatican City church!

8. Ghost Attack in a Hotel Corridor


In this absolutely terrifying clip, a man is seen walking casually through the corridors of a hotel, when suddenly out of nowhere something attacks him. The attack is so immediate and horrifying that the man has no choice but to clutch his living soul and run like hell. Imagine being attacked by something out of thin air! Frightens the living hell outta me. This is just plain horrifying.

9. The Headless Ghost


A group of boys decide to investigate an abandoned school in Iraq. They scan through the classrooms and corridors filming the entire experience on their cellphone. While roaming around the school they hear a dog whine and bark at 0:50. Scared they run. They move on to see more classrooms, But little do they realize that there is another soul within the classroom….a black ghost…without a head, who appears out of nowhere and disappears into thin air. But right before the ghost appears,  one of the boys is heard saying “My phone was full charged and it shut off itself” in Arabic. The ghost can be seen at 2:09.

10. The Jakarta Angel


Cilandak Town Square, South Jakarta, Indonesia. A CCTV camera captures something so fascinating and other-worldly that it is just too hard to believe to be true. While everything seems normal one night, an unknown winged creature lands out of nowhere in the middle of the street. Within seconds it appears and disappears out into the sky. Witnesses immediately rush to the spot with torches to investigate. But after minutes of frantic searching, they find nothing. So, what was it? An angel? a ghost? or a hoax? You decide!

11. The Crying Girl Of a Mexican Graveyard


A man in Mexico decides to visit a local cemetery, which is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a young girl who is known for her terrifying screams. Around half past one, he encounters something in the graveyard. A strange white glow in the form of a human. He decides to ask her name. But what follows next may scare the creeps out of you!


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