10 Most Petrifying and Spine-Chilling Stories That Will Scare You Like Never Before

Real stories that will give you the nightmare of your life. BEWARE….BE VERY AWARE.

1. 1999



The story revolves around a mysterious and utterly bizarre TV channel that started airing in 1999. One day a blogger named Elliot decided to track down the channel he once remembered watching and find out why it recalled as creepy and horrific to him. According to his memories of the strange channel, he remembered it being extremely sketchy and he found out that the channel was actually run by a local predator. What was even worse was that the channel was an attempt by the predator to try and lure children into his house for sacrificial purposes! The story gets even scarier when in his research, Elliot found out that the psycho man was torturing and killing children wile wearing a bear costume and he called himself “Mr. Bear!” The mysterious channel managed to air only a few shows, maybe because it was only operational between 4 PM to 9PM. The first show was called “BOOBY” which was very low-budget as it featured live-action hands on top of a table. The main character was a hand named Booby that would find itself in a mysterious situation in every episode. There was in fact one episode that was so creepy that Elliot recalls that he stopped watching the channel after it. The episode entitled “Playing With Scissors”,  showed Booby grabbing another smaller hand in mid-air and eventually stabbing it repeatedly with a pair of scissors. The stabbing was accompanied by an awful, muffled child screaming in the background. The scissors finally got to the bone and made a terrifying crunching sound. The sound was strangely similar to the sound of an actual bone breaking into half. The next show on the creepy channel was a show named “The Bear’s Cellar” which featured the mentally unstable man dressed in a bear’s costume. What happened in those episodes is to gory to explain here, so you will have to read it yourself. But eventually, one day, the police intervened and the channel was shut down for good.


2. Candle Cove



The story started through a forum thread which was about a ’70s show that featured a little girl who imagined herself to be friends with a bunch of pirates. Commenters in the forum started sharing its memories. The show was peculiar because there was one particular episode that showed every character screaming for the entire length of the show. They all literally stood in one place and did nothing but scream and the little girl was the worst – like she had been going through hours and hours of intense agony. As the memories of the show were shared, everyone was sure that behind the so called “cute” and low budget  image of the show, there was certainly something dark and disturbing going on. But one memory shook the entire forum thread like an earthquake. The main villain of the show was a skeletal character named “Skin-Taker”. His mouth slid back and forth instead of opening and closing. One commenter even recalled that during an episode, when the little girl asked him about his mouth, the Skin-Taker ignored her, looked right into the camera and said ” To grind your skin!” But the story gets even better. One commenter was quite curious about the legitimacy of the show so he asked his mother to recall whether she remembered any ’70s kid’s show named “Candle Cove”. She was quite surprised that HE remembered it. Apparently, he would ask permission to watch it and then proceed to tune the television to static and watch dead air for 30 minutes!


3. The Rake



In 2003, a mystery surrounding a strange human like hairless creature started revolving around rapidly. The local media was going crazy over it. Following the outbreak of the story, most written and online documents were mysteriously destroyed. After the disappearance of the documents, the sightings became even more frequent. Different people described their experience with the creature differently – from traumatic to frightening to mere childish curiosity, everyone had a different emotion. The sightings continued and the quest for the creature grew even deeper. Until finally, in 2006, researchers unearthed several documents dating back to the 12th century that described a creature named ‘The Rake” that was astonishingly similar to the one being sighted everywhere. But the document that stood out from the rest was a sighting as described by a woman. The summary is as follows: One night, a woman awoke suddenly in the middle of the night and started waking up her husband. When he finally woke up, she apologized. When her husband turned his head to look at her, he suddenly grabbed her tight and started panting vigorously. At the foot of their bed, sitting with his back towards them was the famed creature that looked like a big hairless dog. While the couple were still coping up with what they saw,the creature suddenly sprung up on the bed and stared at the husband for a while sitting just an inch away from his face. He then dashed towards the children’s room in a matter of seconds. The couple ran behind him in fear of what was going to happen But before they could reach the children’s room, it was too late. The couple found the children mutilated  and close to death. Her final words were “He is The Rake”. As mysteriously as it appeared, the creature had disappeared into the night never to be seen again.


4. Where The Bad Kids Go



It seems like creepy shows have been swarming silly all over the planet. This another story is also about a children’s show that used to air during war time Lebanon. A photographer decided to find out more about this childhood memory as something seemed to be off about this show…that’s how he remembered it to be. From what he recalls about the show, he remembers half of it relying on very graphic imagery and scare tactics to keep kids from misbehaving. He always thought the show aimed towards keeping children in check of their bad habits as there was always a moral at the end of every episode such as “bad kids stay up late” and “bad kids steal food from the fridge at night.”  But there was one thing that the photographer remembered the most about the show – the way it always ended. The closing scene of every episode was the same every single time – the camera would slowly zoom in on an old rusted iron door and as it got closer, one could hear screams. As the camera got closer the screaming got louder and fiercer. When the screaming couldn’t get any worse, an Arabic text would pop up on the screen which read, “That’s where bad kids go!” and the episode would end. The photographer was so confused with all of this that he set out on a quest to find out the door…that creepy creepy door. Luckily, he somehow managed to track down the studio where the show was filmed. The place looked like it had been abandoned for ages and there among the ruins was the rusted door – the same door that would show up at the end of every episode. He then discovered that beyond the door was a small room covered with traces of blood, feces and bones. What scared him to death was a small microphone that hung from middle of the room!


5. Through The Keyhole



This story is about a man who checked into a hotel for a few nights. As the woman at the front desk handed him over the key to his room, she told him that there was a room on the way to his room that had no number and that it was always locked and used for storage purposes. She warned him to stay away from the room without asking any questions. The man obviously intrigued went straight to his room silently. He did spot the locked room on his way, but he ignored it. But, by the second night, his curiosity grew deeper and he decided to peep through the keyhole of the locked room. The room was locked as the woman at the front desk had told him. From the keyhole, the room looked like a normal hotel room similar to his own room. But as his eyes scanned all over, he spotted an old almost pale woman sitting silently in the corner of the room with her head leaning against the wall. Confused, the man returned to his room. The third night his curiosity took him to the unnumbered room again. As he looked through the keyhole, all he could see was the color red – a very deep shade of red. Maybe the woman had suspected that someone was spying on her, so she might have blocked the keyhole. The man decided to inquire about the room from the woman at the front desk. She let out a big sigh and asked him if he had peeped through the keyhole? After he confirmed it, she decided to tell him the whole story. Many years ago, a man murdered his wife in the same room and her ghost now haunts it. Her ghost had been described as very pale, except for her eyes, which were bloodshot red!


6. The Curse of The Angel Statue



 This story begins with a couple who decided to go out one night, so they called up their usual babysitter to come watch over the kids. When the babysitter arrived, the children were sound asleep. Bored, she decided to watch TV. But the house had only one TV and that was situated in the couple’s bedroom. So she called them up to ask if it was cool with them. The parents agreed, but the babysitter asked them if she could cover the angel statue outside their bedroom window as it looked creepy and made her feel nervous. The couple was shocked to hear this and asked her to immediately take the children out of the house and call the police as they did not own any angel statue. When the police arrived, they found the bodies of the babysitter and the children floating lifelessly in a pool of blood. The statue had disappeared.


7. The Grifter



“The Grifter” is a horrific internet video which was first posted in 2009. The video was described as being so horrific that it traumatized everyone who dared to watch it. Apparently, the video clip featured scenes of dying children, real live exorcisms, close-up of corpses and screams that were so excruciating that one would pass out. Although it was terrifying to watch, but it was completely a made up video. The person who started the legend admitted that he had included screenshots from the movie ‘Otik’. Although some people now know it as a hoax, but it is still a nerve wracking and creepy story to tell around a campfire.


8. SCP Foundation



 The “Secure and Protect Foundation” is a fictional organization with a mysterious past that first appeared around  in 2007. The SCP has several researchers and doctors who aim towards studying and observing strange and abnormal creatures which are simply known as SCP’s. The foundation protects these creatures from any outside world exposure and performs experiments on death row inmates. The creature that started it all was one by the name of  SCP-173. It was described as a statue like creature with a bloody face and short limbs. It was also found out that this creature couldn’t move in direct eye-sight because if the eye contact was broken, it would viciously attack the victim in seconds and immediately break his neck. Thus, it had to be constantly observed. Another such creature is one by the name of SCP-682. It is described as being indestructible, highly adaptive and possessing reptilian like characteristics.


9. Jeff The Killer



 This story is about a little boy name Jeff who had just moved in to his new home. The day he moved in, he was invited to a neighbor’s birthday party. so he decided to take his little brother Liu along with him. But when Jeff and Liu were waiting at a bus stop, out of nowhere they were attacked by three teenagers. Jeff managed to defend himself and the teenagers were found on the street with broken arms and knife wounds. Jeff suddenly realized that he enjoyed inflicting pain on others. It was a feeling that he always had but it became stronger when he was provoked. One night, Jeff’s mother was awakened by the sound of someone crying in the bathroom. As she opened the door to see what was wrong, she was shocked to see that Jeff had somehow permanently carved a smile on his face with a blade and he had also managed to cut off his eyelids so that he could never sleep. Traumatized by what she saw, Jeff’s mother ran towards her room to wake up her husband. But she was stopped cold by her Jeff who was standing in the doorway with a knife clutched in his hands. “Mummy you lied”, was the last thing they ever heard. With his parents now dead, Jeff slowly moved towards his brother’s room. Liu was already awakened up by the sounds in the house, he chose to go back to sleep by tucking his blanket tight over his face out of fright. But he suddenly saw his brother, Jeff clamp his hands over his mouth and felt a warm blade thrust into his stomach. Liu tried to escape his brother’s strong grip, but it was already too late. “Shhhhhhh,” Jeff said. “Just go to sleep.” Jeff was never seen again, but legend has it that Jeff is still out there, waiting.


10. Normal Porn For Normal People



 The story starts with a chain letter that urges people to visit a site named “normalpornfornormalpeople.com” As intriguing as it may sound, the title of the website was catchy and got many people to visit it. Upon opening the page, people found out that it was just a wall covered with long texts. Disappointed, most people usually left the page, thinking it was just a bunch of writing on the main page. But some curious people managed to find out that among those texts were links to certain very disturbing videos. The shocked people would gather around in forums to discuss about the videos and also shared the said videos. One of the videos was called “peanuts.avi” The video showed a man, a woman and a dog in a kitchen. The woman would prepare a peanut butter sandwich, which the man then gave to the dog. This went on for a whole half hour. The videos then started getting worse. There was one by the name “jimbo.avi” which featured an obese mime performing for five minutes. It was normal for the whole video, except the last 30 seconds showed the mime sobbing quietly with his mime outfit and makeup still on. Another video by the name “Stumps.avi” showed a man with no legs attempting to break dance for five minutes in the same kitchen as shown in “peanuts.avi” video, but much dirtier. The man collapses out of exhaustion and begs someone off-screen (behind the camera) to take some rest. But the off screen person yells at the limbless man to keep dancing,which he does. The video ends with the off screen man screaming at the top of his voice. The video “privacy.avi” starts with a woman lying down on a mattress and the man with no legs from “stumps.avi” walking round on his hands with some kind of goblin mask on. What’s unusual about this video is that the door is open while in the rest of the videos,  it is closed. This is significant, because at the end of the video an animal can be spotted running across the hallway. Finally, “useless.avi” is 18 minutes of pure horror. A blonde woman is tied down and her mouth is sealed with tape. After the seven minute mark, a man dressed in a suit opens the door, but he doesn’t enter. In fact the animal that was briefly spotted running in the hallway in the “privacy.avi” video enters the room. It is revealed to be an abused chimpanzee, painted red all over with all his hair shaved off. The starved chimpanzee starts sniffing around and notices the woman and immediately mauls her to death. The assault goes on for the next seven minutes until the woman finally dies. The video ends with the chimpanzee feeding over her corpse.

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