33 Things That Will Instantly Make You Forget You Had a Bad Day

Hello my little angel. Guess what….We have a treat for your today, to make you smile like an idiot and kick the hell outta that bad day! So Smile! ūüôā

1. This pug who looks adorable in his pug slippers.

6. A pug wearing pug slippers


2. A cat wearing a sweater.

7. This cat wearing a sweater


3. A baby penguin meeting a baby dolphin.

5. A baby penguin meeting a baby dolphin


4. A hedgehog taking a bath.

10. A hedgehog taking a shower


5. The fact that these baby bats swaddled like burritos are the sweetest burritos you’ll ever see!



6. A walrus who’s just too embarrassed.

9. An embarrassed walrus


7. This cotton candy machine after a day’s use.

1. A cotton candy machine after a days use.


8. These cats so desperately in love…



9. This bundle of pencils at a library.

11. This bundle of pencils at the library


10. This airplane mysteriously disappearing into the fog.



11. This 3 legged kitten who’s just the cutest chef in the whole wide world!

Its my cake day and i have a baker with 3 legs to make cake!


12. A dog hanging out at a bar.

13. A dog at a bar


13. This fat cat.

4. This fat cat


14. Or a cat eating pizza!!

14. A cat eating pizza


15. This ice cave blushing to the charm of a burning flare.



16. This sloth in a spacesuit.

15. This sloth in a spacesuit


17.  This spider going for the kill.



18. A firefighter giving oxygen to a kitten.

17. A firefighter giving a kitten oxygen


19. This baby owl.

18. This baby owl


20. A tiny pygmy hippo nibbling on some lettuce.

19. A tiny pygmy hippo eating lettuce


21. An otter showing you its baby.

20. An otter showing you its baby


22. This cat with a permanent top hat.

21. A cat with a permanent top hat


23. A turtle the size of a grape.

22. A turtle the size of a grape


24. Boo the dog falling asleep in a pile of Boos!

23. Boo the dog falling asleep in a pile of Boos.


25. This teacup pig.

24. this teacup pig


26. A turtle taking a ride on the back of a jellyfish.



27. These horses doing the fist bump!

28. These horses doing the fist bump!

 Vedran Vidak / Bournemouth / REX USA 

28. Vladimir Putin swimming with dolphins.

29. Vladimir Putin swimming with dolphins


29. A baby giraffe.

30. This baby giraffe


30. This smirky baby sloth.

31. This smirky baby sloth


31.¬†This absolutely awesome¬†‘bee-ver’!



32. These kittens doing that scene from The Lion King!


33. And finally…the best for last….The cutest puppy¬†smile that will make you melt almost instantly.

33. The cutest dog gif ever


Awwww!!!! And Now You Feel Better. No thanks necessary ūüėČ

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