28 Breathtakingly Beautiful Places That Humans Left Behind

Isolation or lack of human interference? Whatever be the reason, these places are a poet’s definition of solitude. The fact that beauty can be found in the most arbitrary of places is why mother nature holds supreme, formidable power over everything. Undisturbed and beautiful, these long abandoned places will surely put you in awe.

1. Swallows Nest Castle, Ukraine


2. A Disused Old Dam, Mt Paris Dam, Tasmania


3. The Jet Star Roller Coaster, Seaside Heights, New Jersey


4. Poveglia: Haunted Island Near Venice, Italy


5. Overgrown Railroad Tunnel, Selisia, Poland


6. An Abandoned Home Surrounded by Fields of Wheat, Oregon


7. An Italian Cannon Still Stands on Cresta Croce, a 3,000-meter-high Ridge in the Alps.


8. Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia


9. The Breathtaking View Inside an Abandoned Art-Nouveau Casino.


10. The Interior of a Victorian-era Underground Reservoir, London, UK


11. Vines Creeping in Through an Old Skylight in the Verrière de Chateau


12. A Plane Abandoned in the Woods, West Milford, NJ


13. An Abandoned Ferris Wheel, Priypat, Ukraine


14. Abandoned Yellow House in Nova Scotia, Canada


15. Abandoned Balcony Overlooking the Alps in Italy.


16. Abandoned Orient Express, Belgium


17. The Ruins of an Old Castle, Sintra, Portugal


18. Nara Dreamland, Japan


19. Looking Out of an Abandoned Mine That Still Has Snow in it in July.


20. Rusty Bumper Cars in Pripyat Amusement Park, Ukraine


21. 102-Year-Old Floating Forest in Sydney, Australia


22. An Abandoned Soviet-era Observatory Near Almaty, Kazakhstan


23. Uninhabited Island in Southwest Florida, U.S.A.


24. I.M. Cooling Tower, Old Power Station, Belgium


25. An Abandoned Jetty, Location Unknown


26. The Beautiful, But Tragically Failed, Gleno Dam in the Bergamo, Province of Northern Italy


27. Old Row Boat in a Dried Out and Cracked River Bed.


28. House of the Bulgarian Communist Party, Bulgaria

Source: Reddit/AbandonedPorn



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