Your 2016 Horoscope: What Does it Have in Store For You?

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Phew! We made it through another year. Yay us! 2015 was one heck of a roller coaster ride.Like every year, we made resolutions that didn’t go as planned (obviously!) C’mon, the goals were too unrealistic for the procrastinator within us! 😉 We laughed and we cried. We slipped but we thrived. We were in love and we fell out of love. And just when we thought we couldn’t take it anymore…life gave us yet another year to begin afresh. All these ups and downs felt unfair, at first. But we came outta the other end strong…ready to start again and face another year. It’s a new year…It’s a new start. Here’s wishing that 2016 is the best year of our lives and here’s hoping that we accomplish at least some of the goals that we set out for ourselves!




Personal Life: 2016 will be a year characterized by intense passion and is prime time for you to take charge of your public image and excel at the work of your choice. Springtime may test your patience. Polish your techniques and approaches then, and test out new ideas on a small scale.

2016 will give you many opportunities to meet new people. Respect physical limits and don’t over-commit in the late summer and early autumn. Resist the urge to sign up for too many events, gatherings, classes, or putting in too much overtime at work. Your health and well-being are just as important as any extra praise or profit you might receive.

Love Life: Your social scene and dating circle knows no bounds in 2016. You’ll often be surrounded by fascinating, attractive prospects who are equally drawn to you. Be selective. Saying yes too often to too many people could cause complications later.

If you’re in a couple, then occasionally you both may need to step back from being oversensitive and letting psychodrama distract you from settling what are really petty little issues and differences. Any past differences will be forgotten as you both remember and value why you’re together. Emotional demands between you may ease now, although social obligations may increase.

Career and Money: You can see slow, gradual, and nonstop progress in 2016, Aries. Don’t doubt yourself or your success rate. Focus on what you love and why you love doing it. No matter what happens, keep going forward.

February and March could be chaotic, with the needs of others complicating your own plans. Meet your own obligations and don’t be lured into making emotional decisions. When it comes to money, look at the numbers. Money flow should be steady if not fast. Think twice before spending a lot in September.





Personal Life: 2016 is the year for big, important changes, Taurus. You can reinvent yourself from the ground up if you so choose. People will see you differently this year, even if you change nothing. Be adaptable but firm, and be happy with yourself. 2016 looks promising regarding love, your house and properties.

March and April brings you some new people, and perhaps a shift in personal tastes and opinions. It is possible for you to consider moving in a bigger house, to think about building something, redecorating, renovating, etc.

The decision of having a child maybe a debated subject this year and if you already have children, their presence in your life may become your main reason of joy and pride.

Love Life: Your personal relationship will enter a relaxation phase very soon after the beginning of the New Year. Novelty and excitement will find its way into your love life in 2016, Taurus. Think of it as romantic fresh air between you and your partner. Look forward to more little pleasant surprises and token gifts or gestures. Anticipate more senseless acts of beauty. And remember to give back, too. If you’re single then February, March, April and September might bring a splash of romantic excitement in your life.

Career and Money: You might have to take some radical decisions in your career, but have patience and handle it with tact. 2016 seems custom-built for Taurus, when you can do things at your own speed and make adjustments until you’re more comfortable with your life.

You will be in the limelight in the workplace throughout 2016. Do your best and shine. An event in late August may set in motion an opportunity that will finally open a door for you in December. Be willing to take on more important work and you can acquire more authority and profit in the coming year.





Personal Life: You’re a rising star in 2016, Gemini, but it will keep constant effort to avoid slipping back down. This year, you will ask all the right questions and refuse to proceed without solid answers and information.

With Mercury in Virgo, you can easily self-correct and nudge situations and relationships to where you want them. Home life should bring much satisfaction, and possibly some karmic insights, particularly in September and October. Family mysteries may be solved, or resolved.

Emotional ties and romance are empowered in November, but it may be December when you are the most intense, powerful, and effective. You can do great things this year, Gemini!

Love Life: Good times and big dreams are coming your way in 2016. This year looks to be both sensible and sensuous. Someone too good to be true may appear in the late summer, but look twice anyway, because there may be some emotional truth there for you. The year could end with an emotional roller coaster ride. Have fun, but pay attention.

Career and Money: 2016 is a great time to firm up you position, Gemini, and to get some real staying power in your work situation or career slot. You have energy and good standing now, so think twice about making any major changes or shifts. If you have recently changed careers or occupations, you can set down deep roots now.

There may be many things you’d like to have, places you’d like to go, and things you’d like do, but hold off on the big ticket items for now. Numerous smaller expenses could be easily handled and bring just as much satisfaction, especially in November and December, when Mars and Saturn have your back in the workplace.





Personal life: 2016 is your kind of year, Cancer, when you can turn on that moonlit charm of yours and make sure that the people in your life are the ones you want most! There will be plenty of surprises and opportunities to grow and advance in the world.

The Solar Eclipse in March is in Pisces and may briefly create an emotional world, but you’ll cope better than most other signs. Don’t stress, respect your health, and enjoy a charmed year!

Love Life: In 2016, love will always be close to home, Cancer, so expect a lot of attention! Speak up for yourself and let admirers do their best to please you. You deserve it.

A thrilling encounter may happen in the spring, but it doesn’t need to get reckless. In late June, you may meet someone equally serious and with more staying power. It still does not have to be forever unless you want it to be.

If you’re in a couple, then you’ll both be willing to make sacrifices for each other, materially and emotionally. If there are shared dreams (or fantasies) of expanding the family, Venus could smile on this possibility in the early winter.

Career and Money: 2016 can be your year to see abundance and an accumulation of prestige and – yes – even money, Cancer. Keep your sights and efforts high and your expectations reasonable.

Your extra ration of charm will attract opportunities and improve networking. People value you and want to work with you. Business relationships will be clear-cut and mutually satisfying. Make some new connections in the first few months and let them grow stronger as you all succeed.

If February and March require more spending, you can keep it within reason. By August and September, earnings may have increased to more than offset those costs.





Personal Life: Let the world see more of the true you in 2016, Leo! Work hard at what you love and have more fun doing it. More people will enjoy working with you, and then your social life could be busier, too. The Mars retrograde period in the spring will help you slow down, focus, and keep your sights on what is most important.

People may be trying to shake up your world all year long, stay sure of yourself – you can handle it. Be good to yourself, too. Take care of your health, be active, and make good use of your time day by day.

Love Life: You’ll attract plenty of attention just by being your radiant self. You may meet someone in August or September who promises you the high life, and this might be flattering and fun for a while. You’re too proud and independent to let it last for long, though.

Someone more your equal may appear later in the year, perhaps during December. If not a true soul mate, you’ll be able to talk and to see eye to eye. Plenty of passion is there, too!

If you’re in a couple, then if there has been a yearning to own a place of your own, this could be the year, especially after August. Look into it!

Career and Money: An unexpected (and maybe big) opportunity in January could come to you, but don’t immediately pounce on it. Ask questions in 2016, and don’t settle for half-answers.

In August you may redefine, career-wise, what you want to do – or how. Money and recognition may increase for you then, too. Be patient, wise, and you’ll be successful. Be more ambitious and practical in November and December. Finish the year on very firm footing and at a higher financial level.





Personal life: 2016 is brimming with bright new ideas, abundance, and charm, Virgo. Yes, I’m talking about you! They will be practical ideas, too, that you can put to good use and make progress in the work place, and connect with people who are both reasonable and pleasant. That’s how people see you, too.

Early December is a powerful time for you, with Mars and Saturn working on your behalf. You may start the year in a modest position but you could easily become the one in charge by the end of 2016.

Love Life: The wildest ride may come early in the year, so keep your guard up and your wits about you. In the early spring, romantic fantasies may beckon from time to time. Enjoy the escapes, and come back refreshed.

If you’re in a couple, then both of you will do your share in 2016 and have a rock solid relationship. Together, any problem or challenge will seem simpler and be remedied sooner.

Career and Money: You are your own best resource in 2016, Virgo, so keep self-confidence strong and personal ambition high. If job hunting or making career changes, think big and consider bigger organizations or companies, too. Nonprofit entities could offer openings, too.

You communicate clearly and can be impressive to a large group or one-on-one. Be willing to consider communication fields or positions with a lot of in-person contact. Money prospects are good all year, so long as you don’t overspend, especially in the late summer.





Personal Life: 2016 is your lucky year, Libra, in more ways than one. Your tact and social skills will be in high demand and this will bring great satisfaction and happiness. When everyone is working hard to get ahead, your talents will smooth the way and create more opportunities for your friends, family, and you.

People can still surprise you, mostly in April and May. Make some new friends and contacts now. Then forge stronger emotional bonds in May and June. Sharp thinking and an appreciation for something new could launch you into a new, better direction in September and October. Be thorough, and then trust your judgment.

Love Life: Expect the unexpected in 2016, Libra! Meet new people and go try out some new date locales. The year starts with romantic mixed messages. A possible soul mate could make an appearance around June!

Listen to your head and heart. You’ll be most appealing now, too, so expect to draw a lot of attention. 2016 may go out with a burst of passion!

If you’re in a couple and have been anticipating a big change, or even a relocation, it could happen early in the year. Be realistic about your options and discuss everything.

Career and Money: If you’re dreaming of a more satisfying occupation in 2016, look close to home. Friends and family may have suggestions, contacts, or offer an example of something that would pay and suit you better.

Or, it may be desirable to work from home part of the time and minimize the commute and running around. This year you could shape your work situation to better mesh with your home life.

You could save more money this year, too, which always comes in handy. In May, you can consolidate holdings and gain more financial security. Be even more discerning in your money decisions.





Personal Life: 2016 is your year to demolish any barriers that have been holding you back, Scorpio! With clear thinking and sheer force of will, you can accomplish what your heart desires and what your head knows you need.

Have more patience and charm this year, too. Your most productive time may be in the spring when Mars is retrograde in Scorpio. It will be in the realm of family and friends that you may see the most progress.

Love Life: 2016 may be one of those years when you’re not sure what you want but you’ll know it when you see it. Fantasy and wishful thinking may take up as much time as actual dating, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Your heart is figuring things out.

Romance could start off with a bang in January but one of you may come on too strong, or you may be on two radically different pages. If so, relax. You’ll laugh about it later. If you’re feeling listless or lonely in February or March, there will be some love prospects but they may remind you of other loves that have come and gone. December is the time to give someone the chance to be serious about you, if that’s what you want. It’s your call.

Career and Money: In 2016, there’s a lot of celestial support for your career and money situation, Scorpio. Take things one step at a time, let situations fully define themselves, and then bend them to your will.

Be more in charge of your personal finances, too, especially in the last two months of the year. If you’re not already careful about saving, you’ll still be able to see the big financial picture while dealing with the details, deadlines, and dotted lines. Simply being responsible will take you far in 2016 and into 2017, Scorpio!





Personal Life: 2016 is your year, Sagittarius, to cultivate talents and skills that take you far and fast. You may not be given all the situations and opportunities that you choose right off the bat, but you’ll have more than enough resources and creativity to make the best use of everything that comes your way.

The year may start slowly with Jupiter (your ruling planet) being retrograde until early May. After that, your personal energy and good luck should increase. You will do great things all year long, Sagittarius!

Love Life: The Solar Eclipse in September is especially favorable for your health as well as for your love life. A romantic fantasy could briefly come to life in March. Enjoy the emotional comfort and pampering. You may get bored by April, though. Too much familiarity can become a turn-off.

September and October bring love and excitement with minimum stress. A lucky encounter in October could smooth old wrinkles and bring back an old flame. You’ll possibly meet someone special in December… someone who is not flashy nor a big spender. Look for deeper qualities and connect with someone who shares your worldview.

Career and Money: In 2016 money and work opportunities want to find you, and you may be able to hold on to most of what you gain. Be patient, take a close look at any and all offers, and don’t feel pressured to make quick decisions.

Money looks most abundant in the first two months, so save what you can. Otherwise, these could be “easy come, easy go” days. If exploring new work or expanding your current career, 2016 brings slow but steady progress.

Have faith in your intuition when faced with a transfer, promotion, or job offer. Be modest in financial plans, including investments, and possibly see a big return in October or November.





Personal Life: This year, accomplish more than you can imagine, Capricorn, simply by sticking to your favorite mode of doing things: with slow steady efforts. It won’t involve anything flashy or earth-shaking. Nor will you become a dull robot!

Achievements, small and large, will give you the most satisfaction in 2016, and those things will not be purely about money or prestige. Let yourself feel deeply about everything and everyone you love.

Love Life: 2016 is definitely more about real world connections than about sweet dreams and fantasies. You will be the intense one this year, Capricorn, although you may struggle to conceal it. November and December could be the best time to strike a strong romantic chord with a special someone.

Career and Money: 2016 is a great year for money, Capricorn, but it’s even greater for something else: personal satisfaction. Some rewards may be slow in coming, but that’s no concern. It’s the achievement in your career or reputation that matters first, and that will come right away. The money is not far behind. Be praised, respected, and you may be promoted in the spring.





Personal Life: You’re a rising star in 2016, Aquarius, when all hard work is acknowledged and rewarded. Most of your work will be mental, and you will never lack for brilliant ideas, many of them seeming inconsequential at the time.

This year you will recognize potential that others may overlook. An appetite for knowledge and adventure may come out of nowhere, and you will find practical ways to satisfy these yearnings. Your 2016 strong Mars in Scorpio won’t let you sit still for long. Career progress this year is steady, and can gradually lead to big success.

Love Life: 2016 is romantically super active, Aquarius!  In May and June, that certain stranger may be irresistible. Someone new may be compelled to talk to you. Creative or career interests may attract you to each other. Keep things casual and out in the open and your 2016 Moon in Gemini will help you stay happy. An urge for romantic excitement might strike you in April, but it could be costly.

Career and Money: You have a great advantage in 2016, Aquarius, in that no one can outguess or out-think you. Total integrity and sound results are all-important to you.

If it’s not lightning-fast progress, it will be solid and steady. Give finances and your spending extra attention in April and May, and avoid any rude surprises down the road. In August and into early September, Jupiter in Virgo may bring you people who ask for the random but not-so-small favor. Look at the people and situation realistically, and do what makes sense. Acts of generosity now can bring you future benefits. November and December go out with a flashy bang of opportunity, challenge, and success in the workplace.





Personal Life: 2016 is a power year, Pisces, and most of what you do will happen out in public, in plain view, and probably with the help and cooperation of others. Your circle of friends and partners will grow, starting in January and February. You won’t feel lonely in 2016.

Feel bolder about money, possessions, and your own body in the springtime. Consult your intuitions and instincts as a way to look before you leap into unfamiliar territory – but be brave. A Solar Eclipse in March may stir events in your world, but you’ll be prepared.

Love Life: You can attract a lot of dating attention in 2016, Pisces. Happily, you have the charm and the wit to sort through all these romantic prospects.

In February and March, you may find that you’ve raised your standards and want to be with more solid, highly evolved partners. Keep those standards and expectations up there and don’t settle for anything or anyone less. July and August could be prime times to meet a very special someone who meets all your requirements. Make sure they treat you the way you want to be treated.

Career and Money: Think big, feel big, plan big, and act big in 2016, Pisces. Small things can be done in a big way and then shine with perfection and success, especially in October. A Solar Eclipse in March could open a career opportunity for you and you can do things this year than no other sign can.

If business partners or co-workers get emotional on you in July, you can empathize and smooth the waters. Keep some emotional distance and spare yourself a dip in the whirlpool of confusion. October, November, and December are high-energy times…Make the most of it all!


Wishing you a happy year ahead! 🙂

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