18 Downright Ridiculous Things Muslims Are Sick of Hearing

If you’re a Muslim, then you certainly have come across these absurd questions….Doesn’t matter where you live, there will always be a bunch of morons who can’t stop with their ‘not-so-intelligent’ queries. PLEASE STOP!

1. Do you slaughter animals regularly?


Yeah, in fact, I have a pile of carcasses lying all around the house! I mean, really?

2. Do you love goats?


Yes off course…I just married a goat for mutton!

3. Are you forced to wear “that thing” on your head?


That thing’s called a hijab and no…I can wear it if I choose to.You wanna know what that thing on your head would be called when I hit with a bat?

4. How did you feel about Bin Laden’s death?


I cried my eyes out and I also have a memorial by his name in my backyard. You want me to bring him back to life to kill you?

5. Do you eat Biryani every day?


Yeah, because we live inside a goat! Moron!

6. You don’t consume pork because it’s one of your Gods?


Like Seriously !! Also we don’t drink alcohol does that mean it’s one of our Gods! Wait till I make a pork sandwich out of your face!

7. You must feel lucky ‘coz you can have as many wives as you want


Yes, Did you know my 8th mother was her 38th mother’s only daughter! Totally fed up!

8. You must be from Saudi Arabia or any other part of the Middle East?


That’s just racist!

9. What do you look like without your scarf?


You don’t wanna know!

10. Does your husband control what you do outside the house?


“skateboards away”

11. Don’t you feel hungry during your fast?


No way, don’t you know that we are fitted with special chips to control hunger!

12. Don’t mind me asking, but do you have any connections with any terrorist organizations?


Yeah, I distribute them terror licenses. And I sort of feel the need of giving them a call now you a**hole!

13. You’re a Muslim, so you’re obviously good at Arabic right?


You must be really good at Hebrew? You will say it’s irrelevant, but then who started it ?

14. Do they have cars where you come from?


No we ride around the city on camels but only when our horses are broken!

15. Why don’t you drink alcohol?


I don’t really like the idea of ending this way! And I like being the one in control of my body!

16. What do you do for “fun” if you don’t drink?


Ummmm…let me see…I slaughter, eat Biryani and run terrorist organizations! What do you think I do?

17. Can you be friends with a Non-Muslim?


Hell yeah! Friends for life <3

18. You think I can be a Muslim if I grow a beard like you?


Like seriously! You suck!

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